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There is no uniform stance on Twitter in the literary community, of course. Some, like Teju Cole and Colson Whitehead , find it vital; many others — led by a certain one-time Time coverboy from the Midwest, do not. Some writers have more prosaic feelings about Twitter.

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Zadie Smith is not on Twitter. Jennifer Egan is, but just a little bit. Nonetheless, Twitter appears to be here to stay, for a while anyway. And it will remain a pastime for writers looking for book news, inspiration, distraction, literary puns, and every other thing they might want.

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In the not too distant past, the literary lights of Twitter pecked out their first characters and waited to see what Twitter would bring. Curious, I dug back into the Twitter archive to see how these writers took their first steps into Twitter. Finishing the website entries for my fall novel The Year of the Flood.

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Heavy as a stone and beautiful. So here is a new page. Velly interesting. Please contact me via my site email address. Nintendo DS — in En.. Official Library of Congress Twitter feed here. So nice to see followers before so much as a single tweet! We created this account as a placeholder, but please visit our Feedback Group anytime!

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Become a member today. Essays Notable Articles. There is a type of book, I find, that falls in this category: books that resist you. These are books you want to read, but for some reason are unable to. On the excellent website martinamisweb.

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[Reviews] | Don the Realtor, by Martin Amis | Harper's Magazine

New York: Random House, , pp. A short two page rumination on homosexuality, emphasizing Amis's own evolving attitudes. Knopf, , v-xxiii. One of the best essays yet written about Nabokov's masterpiece, which also happens to be Amis's favorite novel. Full of insights into Nabokov's art--and Amis's. Acute analysis of the politics of Philip Larkin's reputation. Professional tennis as an aspect of the human comedy: an account of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Here Amis does for the U. Open Tennis Tournament what he earlier did for Wimbledon.

Anthony Barnett London: Vintage, : Amis's four-paragraph contribution to this anthology of political and cultural commentary on the monarchy contains a "sex dream" he had aboutthe Duchess of York. Subscribe here. Readings — From the August issue.

The Second Plane: 14 Responses to September 11

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Observer review: The War against Cliché by Martin Amis

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