Othello tragic hero thesis statement

It may also be the heroes that are see in movies and books rescuing the princess from the dragon or leading their country in battle. Perhaps the rarest hero is the tragic one.

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William Shakespeare has artfully crafted some of the most prominent tragic heroes of all time. With one of the greatest being Othello. Othello is a tragic hero because of his noble traits, his tragic flaws, and his tragic downfall. For someone to be a tragic hero, they must first be a noble character.

Othello can be considered a noble character because he is one of high social ranking and he has a genuine heart. Othello, despite coming from a rough past, is an honorable war hero and the general of the Venetian army. Along with his social stature, Othello also has a noble heart. Othello is a tragic hero because of his tragic flaw. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you?

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Othello essay thesis

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Question 1

Get essay help. Clearly we are shown this in the first scene in act 1 where Shakespeare uses sibilance to characterise the main characters, Iago and Othello, in the play.

Othello as a Tragic Hero

Iago is an allegory for the reoccurring fatal flaw in this act the fatal flaw is merely manipulation. Even though little manipulation is shown here, it is very intense. This fatal flow is merely a fai?? This dramatic irony is there to show the audience the fatal flaw in Othello believing Iago. Yet, we expect this to juxtapose highly towards the end of the play as we see Iago can do anything to corrupt psychological states of people by manipulation and even greater, maybe paranoia. Can we, as readers, interpret this as some form of arrogance?

In my opinion, the subtlety of the words can confine arrogance. Leavis is very clever in making this statement, and his statement can say Othello is not presented as a tragic hero.

Othello: A Tragic Hero Essay Example

The iambic pentameter is very significant and Shakespeare very cleverly used it to show love in the blank verse. This may show corruption in love or the fact that love is a concept which can cause annihilation but this is merely done to show that Othello has brought it on himself so can be a tragic hero. The audience here, have a sense of urgency to relief themselves catharsis — another trait of a hero being a tragic hero.

The socio-historical context with Macbeths is important as they interlink and you can come to a conclusion about both of them.