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NHRCO is a common platform for various organizations and individuals entrusted with the cause of human rights in India. Constituted on 12 th October , NHRC is an autonomous public body, formed for the protection and promotion of human rights. It is entrusted with the protection of right to liberty, dignity, religion and equality as guaranteed by the Constitution. Human rights law network is a network constituting of lawyers and human right activists throughout India.

Its aim is to provide legal support to the victims belonging to poor classes.

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It works on child rights, human trafficking, disability rights, rights of prisoners and refugees and various other sections. Legal rights observatory is an organization with the main objective of exposing human rights violation in India. It protects the political, religious, and general rights of the members of politics, military or general public.

MASS was formed in Assam for the protection of human rights both political and civil. It works for the prevention and reporting of any civil rights violation by the armed forces, while using Armed forces special power Act or AFSPA.

Influence of Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Indian Constitution

PVCHR is a non government organization fighting for the rights of deprived and marginalized people in several north Indian states, especially in Varanasi district. Human rights are the rights provided by the constitution of India to the citizens of India. Rights such as right to dignity, labour, equality of justice, right to religion are guaranteed by the Constitution and are kept out of the influence of government and administration, with judiciary given responsibility of supervising their protection and promotion.

They should be protected by any means to ensure the progress of India and harmony and peace among its masses. Abhishek Singh, is a content writer who formerly worked as an Electrical project Engineer. An engineer by circumstances and a writer by choice, He loves to express himself in writing. Human rights are such a broad field of study and can be linked to nearly any other subject — from history and anthropology to technology and medicine. The best way to ensure that your human rights essay will be readable and convincing is to discuss something you have knowledge of or find it easy to learn about.

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  • For example, if you are into criminology, you might want to look into the intersections and relationships between human rights and criminal justice. At the very start of the writing process, you should note down what the broad, general topic you are interested in is. Once you have established the general human rights-related topic you are looking into, you will have to narrow it down in order to write an essay.

    Choosing to write only about human rights and criminal justice, for instance, will not result in a successful essay because both concepts are so broad. For this reason, you will have to narrow down the scope of your essay. If you are clueless about what you want to discuss more specifically, doing a general Internet search can lead you to some hints. After you have done a preliminary research on the Internet, you should be able to identify a topic that will be the central theme of your essay.

    By way of example, if you are looking into criminal justice, you might want to discuss the rights of defendants, the rights of victims, or prison conditions.

    Human Rights Essay

    Now that you have chosen your topic, you will need to start reading a bit more extensively about it unless you already have sufficient knowledge of the literature to start writing immediately. Reading journal articles, reports and book chapters is an essential step to get you thinking because a successful human rights essay should answer concrete questions. In other words, discussing the current literature on the topic is not sufficient to make an excellent essay.

    What you will need to do is find gaps in these sources, questions that are not fully answered, or under-researched issues and make your own contribution to the field by writing about them in more length. In preparation for writing, note down several questions that you find particularly relevant and important and start building your essay around them. It is entirely up to the author to decide which parts of the essay will be written first.

    Some writers find it easier to build a central argument and then add an introduction to it, while others like to begin with the paragraphs that lead the reader to the main issue. Whichever order you decide to follow, it is important to skillfully craft an introduction to your topic. Allowing the reader to have a sense of the context in which the issue is placed is essential for them to fully follow your train of thought at a later stage of the essay.

    What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti

    Ideally, in the introduction, you should give some historical background to the topic, reference what has been written before in a few sentences, explain some of the major debates on the topic, and guide your reader through the outline of the essay. In any case, your introduction should not be long as you want to leave more space for your arguments. Each paragraph or chapter should have an overarching theme, something that unites your sentences.

    In the background of all world revolutions there has been this strategy. Whenever there has been systematic and widespread State persecution and violation of human rights, there broke out rebellions and revolutions and history repeats itself. Half the world is that of women and yet the violence against them may be the most pervasive and least recognized human rights abuse in the world. Gender violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, denial of economic, sexual and reproductive rights etc. The remedy lies in widespread legal reforms, better enforcement of existing laws, new procedures to document violations, education about human rights and close alliance between organisations concerned with their rights.

    According to a U. Child prostitution, dowry deaths and dowry-related crimes are other areas of concern. In India thousands of women die because of dowry-related crimes. Girl-children are often held in bondage in brothels. The marked preference for boys over girls, sex selective abortions etc. These massive violations of human rights, taking place across the world, are a great stain on the face of entire humanity. Human Rights. Human rights are those rights which are fundamental for the human life. These rights recognize the basic human needs and demands.

    It is expected that every civilized state will incorporate these rights in its constitution and try to ensure that its citizens enjoy them. In the present day, world there is a lot of concern about the protection of human rights. The United Nations has adopted a Charter of Human Right and it asks the governments to respect these rights of their citizens.

    The second type of rights are economic and social rights. The rights included in this groups are also very important. These are : all members should have the right to work, to have a good standard of living, right to rest and leisure, right to education and equal pay for equal work.

    The UN has taken a great deal of interest in the abolition of discrimination against women. One of the most serious cases of violations of human rights is the case of racial discrimination. The problem about human rights varies from society to society. In some societies, political and civil rights are not given or guaranteed to all its citizens.

    In other societies, economic and social rights are not enforced. The importance of the human rights movement is that it tells people that one cannot call as society a good and a just society until all its citizens enjoy these human rights. The basic idea behind human rights is that human beings should try to end all kinds of unjust discrimination. On the basis of most unjust discrimination is the discrimination on the basis of race. South Africa, for example had for quite some time practiced a policy called Apartheid.

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    It meant that the black people, who were in majority in South Africa had no political rights. The country was ruled by a minority regime of whites. The UN passed resolution to condemn its racist policy. Most countries of the non-aligned movement including India, did not have diplomatic relations with South Africa. Fortunately South Africa after a long struggle has undergone a significant change.


    Long Essay on Human Rights in India in English for Students and Professionals

    For the first time in its history the people of South Africa have an elected Black President, and political rights have been extended to all the people of South Africa irrespective of race, colour and creed. There are many cases of violation of human rights in different parts of the world. For the prosperity and happiness of human beings every nation must create such conditions in which the Human Rights are ensured to its citizens.

    We are lucky. We have democracy. India beings democratic country, provides such rights to its citizens and allow them freedom of expression. These rights are fundamental in three different easy. Firstly, these are basic human rights. As human beings we have the right to enjoy these rights. Secondly, the Constitution gives us these rights and guarantees them because it believes that these rights are necessary if citizens are to act properly and live democratically. The constitution guarantees to us six Fundamental Rights.

    The six Fundamental Rights as mentioned in our Constitution are :. There are many cases of violation of human right in different countries of the world.