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The importance of enhancing the relevance of the liberal arts to students today opinion. Johns Hopkins fires professor over clash with student protesters, but he says he has no remorse. View the discussion thread. Google Tag Manager.

Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Print This. Improving the Quality of Education. By Derek Bok. September 21, The reasons for concern include: College students today seem to be spending much less time on their course work than their predecessors did 50 years ago, and evidence of their abilities suggests that they are probably learning less than students once did and quite possibly less than their counterparts in many other advanced industrial countries. Employers complain that many graduates they hire are deficient in basic skills such as writing, problem solving and critical thinking that college leaders and their faculties consistently rank among the most important goals of an undergraduate education.

Most of the millions of additional students needed to increase educational attainment levels will come to campus poorly prepared for college work, creating a danger that higher graduation rates will be achievable only by lowering academic standards.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 244 - Aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs

More than two-thirds of college instructors today are not on the tenure track but are lecturers serving on year-to-year contracts. Many of them are hired without undergoing the vetting commonly used in appointing tenure-track professors. Studies indicate that extensive use of such instructors may contribute to higher dropout rates and to grade inflation.

States have made substantial cuts in support per student over the past 30 years for public colleges and community colleges. Research suggests that failing to increase appropriations to keep pace with enrollment growth tends to reduce learning and even lower graduation rates. Some Immediate Improvements Many colleges provide a formidable array of courses, majors and extracurricular opportunities, but firsthand accounts indicate that many undergraduates do not feel that the material conveyed in their readings and lectures has much relevance to their lives.

More Substantial Reforms More fundamental changes will take longer to achieve but could eventually yield even greater gains in the quality of undergraduate education. They include: Improving graduate education. The Need for Research Finally, there is an urgent need for more and better research both to improve the quality of undergraduate education and to increase the number of students who complete their studies.

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How can remedial education be improved? At present, low rates of completion in remedial courses are a major impediment to raising levels of educational attainment. The use of computer-aided instruction in remedial math provides one promising example of the type of improvement that could yield substantial benefits, and there are doubtless other possibilities. Far too little is known about the kinds of courses or other undergraduate experiences that contribute to such noneconomic benefits in later life as better health, greater civic participation and lower incidence of substance abuse and other forms of self-destructive behavior.

Better understanding of those connections could help educators increase the lasting value of a college education while providing a stronger empirical basis for the sweeping claims frequently made about the lifelong benefits of a liberal education. Such understanding would also reduce the risk of inadvertently eliminating valuable aspects of a college education in the rush to find quicker, cheaper ways of preparing students to obtain good jobs of immediate value to economic growth.

Existing research suggests that better advising and other forms of student support may substantially enhance the effect of increased financial aid in boosting the numbers of students who complete their studies. With billions of dollars already being spent on student grants and loans, it would clearly be helpful to know more about how to maximize the effects of such subsidies on graduation rates.

More work is needed to develop better ways for colleges to measure student learning, not only for critical thinking and writing but also for other purposes of undergraduate education. Read more by Derek Bok.

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Shebistova, Curtin University teacher claims that with choosing a faculty, a student studies within a particular field of knowledge, and this theory would definitely help in practice. To sum up, getting higher education is needed to get ready for future career and knowledge received will be useful in common life. To conclude, the major aims of higher education are getting a good job, improving personal skills, being an authority among community and getting ready for further life.

But still, some people suppose that one can be successful even without higher education and it is just waste of time.

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It is up to everyone to decide whether he or she needs higher education or not. Home Papers Aims of Higher Education. Want to know the price of your unique Paper? Get a Price. A limited time offer! Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. Aims of Higher Education. At Marist College, for example, where I was Dean of the School of Management, there were several state-supported projects for such development.

New York State made investments in those projects, and that was money well spent. Commercial products were a secondary but not necessary by-product. The main benefit of such funding in creating prepared minds should be recognized as central to supporting the mission of higher education. A focus on the creation of prepared minds fits well with the trend in higher education of an ever-increasing number of adults seeking degrees. We can probably agree that adult students come with their character well developed and in need of a practical education. That is not to say that adults cannot benefit from broadening their understanding by attending humanities classes.

They can and should. But their immediate need increases the emphasis and urgency on focusing on preparing their minds for more productive roles.

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Thus the preparation of the mind of these students takes center stage. It becomes even more urgent in an economy where unemployment is high and everyone is seeking to improve their economic situation. Furthermore, when commercializable products or ideas appear stemming from research work at university labs and research centers, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to generate income and create jobs. The nature of that work is, by and large, managerial. That work also requires prepared minds but of a different type from science or engineering: it is entrepreneurial work.

The preparation of entrepreneurial minds typically occurs within business schools. Innovation — and the businesses derived them — is what will keep America and New York State competitive in the increasingly flat world of globalized business. Any research and development dollars the state spends may yi eld benefits in new products and services but will definitely pr oduce the well prepared minds needed by American industry and businesses.