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Within hours Emily was on life support and declared brain dead.

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Sadly, Emily's case is not unique. According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins , more than , people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Other studies report much higher figures , claiming the number of deaths from medical error to be as high as , The reason for the discrepancy is that physicians, funeral directors, coroners and medical examiners rarely note on death certificates the human errors and system failures involved.

Yet death certificates are what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rely on to post statistics for deaths nationwide. The authors of the Johns Hopkins study, led by Dr. To date, no changes have been made, Makary said. Makary defines a death due to medical error as one that is caused by inadequately skilled staff, error in judgment or care, a system defect or a preventable adverse effect. This includes computer breakdowns, mix-ups with the doses or types of medications administered to patients and surgical complications that go undiagnosed.

The U. The researchers discovered that based on a total of 35,, hospitalizations, there was a pooled incidence rate of , deaths per year — or about 9. And human beings make mistakes. Afterward Chris said he discovered that pharmacy technicians, rather than well-trained and educated pharmacists, are compounding nearly all of the IV medications for patients. And many states have no requirements, or proof of competency, for these pharmacy technicians.

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To seek greater safeguards for patients, Chris founded the Emily Jerry Foundation in EJF focuses primarily on medication safety and better training for pharmacy technicians, as well as backup procedures that will improve the health-care system. Last year he unveiled the Emily Jerry Foundation's National Pharmacy Technician Initiative , an interactive scorecard to make the public aware of unsafe pharmacy practices in the United States.

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He also travels throughout the country, speaking out about key patient safety-related issues and best practices proven to minimize the "human error" component of medicine. Pascal Metrics, based in Washington, D. Pascal's chief medical information officer, Dr. David Classen, is also associate professor of medicine at the University of Utah and an active consultant in infectious diseases at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City. He admits there are problems: "The system of care is fragmented," he said.

To improve the safety of medication use, Classen developed and implemented a computerized physician order-entry program at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. Many hospitals, for their part, are seeking to keep pace with increasingly available technology to improve patient safety.

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Kim Lanyon, a senior ICU nurse at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, said all electronic records there are double-checked, and fail-safe devices are in place. Vicki LoPatchin oversees a Good Catch Award, given to medical personnel who identify potential or existing errors related to their patients' care. Similarly, most physicians' offices now keep records electronically, as well as recording conversations among doctors, nurses and their patients in order to make certain there is clarity and that no mistakes result.

Even so, Makary said ordinary complications can occur, especially from unneeded medical care. According to him, "Twenty percent of all medical procedures may be unnecessary. Doctors, he said, have been encouraged by drug companies, sometimes through cash payments, to "promote" their products, as revealed by the website Dollars for Docs.

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According to Dr. It is not an even relationship at all. In James lost his year-old son after he collapsed while running. He had been diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia by a cardiologist a few weeks prior and was released from the hospital with instructions not to drive for 24 hours. And they didn't tell him he shouldn't go back to running. In James retired early to devote his life to improving patient safety.

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His mission: to teach people how to be empowered patients. He has created a patient bill of rights , which he's been pushing to become federal law. But for a young physician to come out and say what he did, that's pretty bold. Makary is a brave guy. James' site, Patient Safety America , lists the three levels in which patients can protect themselves. These include being a wise consumer of health care by demanding quality, cost-effective care for yourself and those you love; by participating in patient-safety leadership through boards, panels and commissions that implement policy and laws; and by pushing for laws that favor safer care, transparency and accountability.

Ask questions. Gain as much insight as you can from your health-care provider. Near misses are an extremely important part of the healthcare facility's treatment program, because they can indicate just how accident and error-prone. Legal Aspects of Medical Errors Various factors in the health care system are reported to be contributors to medication errors.

This work reviews a case study discussed in 'Hospital Pharmacy' Smetzer and Cohen, which provides a clear example of the complex nature of the health care system and the process of medication use and how this interrelates to medication safety and quality. The nurse made the decision to administer the.

Health Care Situation: Medical Error Due to Doctors' Bad Handwriting Identify a health care news situation that affects a health care organization such as a hospital, clinic or insurance company. I have identified the following health care news situation as the topic of my paper: "Poor Handwriting of Doctors and its implied risks for the Patient, Hospital and Medical Malpractice Insurance.

Hospitals and Public Health: Crises Medical Error Medical errors have caused a crisis in the national health care system. In addition, as of March 31, , the ten most frequently reported. Download this Research Paper in word format. Read Full Research Paper.

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