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The Nurse acts as the glue that holds the characters together, tying up the entire. This story of these town teenagers is set in the s, obviously the culture and general behaviour was very different, and this has a significant effect on the way the story. In my opinion, Mercutio is a good character but is one of the characters to blame for the tragic events because of his negative characteristics such as being ill-tempered and being provocative. I think Shakespeare included him into the play because he is the link between the Montagues and Capulets and his death symbols the humour leaving the play and seriousness playing a larger role.

And his actions brought Romeo and Juliet together by bringing Romeo to the Capulets and he is also the one of the people to end their lives. Mercutio is the most important character in Romeo and Juliet words - 3 pages In Romeo and Juliet each character has a specific role. Mercutio's role is the most important. He is the kinsman to the prince and Romeo's closest friend and confidante, and in this role he can be very inluential to Romeo and can influence the decisions made and the directions the play takes.

He uses his humour and wit to lead the other characters to the climax. He is in a difficult position, as the friend of Romeo and the princes kinsman, but. Juliet would have to listen to anything her parents said.

She would be expected to marry at a young age and carry on the family legacy. How Shakespeare Presents the Character of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet words - 9 pages that the character of Juliet must also possess. As the film was created in , the casting of a young female to play the role would have led the audience to retain a greater belief in the character of Juliet, which would, in theory increase the emotion felt when she reaches her demise.

Whereas, in the early performances of Romeo and Juliet, women were not allowed to act in the theatres and so Juliet, like most females in plays from that. In the Shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet undergoes quick, extreme changes from innocent to suicidal. The events that change her mind are Lady Capulet talking to her about marriage, the balcony scene exchange of vows, and her suicide.

After the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio acts as a

In the first act scene three, Juliet's mother Lady Capulet talks to her about her views. Similar Essays Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis words - 5 pages English Controlled Assessment: Romeo and Juliet Today, the name 'Romeo' has come to mean the word 'love' because of his important role in the most famous love story. We see Romeo as a sombre, impetuous and immature character in the early part of the play, but many aspects of his character seen in the early part of the play.

Juliet is a beautiful, young 13 year old girl. Despite her age, she is pressured from the very beginning of the play to get married, preferably to a young nobleman named Paris who is a relative of the Prince of Verona. During the opening scenes of the play, Juliet seems to be an obedient and na.

We see that although Friar is not the main character, he plays a very important role by shaping the destiny of Romeo, Juliet an the feuding families. In the production of Luhrmann.

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Other Popular Essays. This character in most cases is the protagonist. Foil characters further themes by highlighting the characteristics of certain characters that will help enhance the theme.

The role of foil characters in Shakespearean tragedies is to show what could have happened if the protagonist made a different choice. Likewise, this idea is prevalent within Romeo and Juliet. Furthermore, this play portrays two children from warring families who meet and fall in love, but eventually kill themselves as their love is not accepted in either family. In Romeo and Juliet foil characters are used to contrast different characteristics of both Romeo and Juliet. They also take on the role of changing faith.

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These characters exemplify how faith can have two sides. The death of a foil character for example, brought chaos and misery towards both the families. However, the quick thinking of another foil character brought Romeo and Juliet together. For example, Romeo avenges Mercutio by killing Tybalt. This quote illustrates that the death of Mercutio causes a shift in Romeo, wherein he is now engulfed with rage and revenge. This is a change from his prior disposition, which focused on maintaining peace.

Furthermore, this quote illustrates that Mercutio is an important foil character because had he not died, Romeo would not have been filled with vengeance. This shift marks a dramatic change in the play, wherein happiness and comedy is consumed by tragedy. Second, Mercutio shows how Romeo is constantly dreaming. This quote exemplifies that dreaming cannot be a portent, and that it can change just like the wind. This also shows that Mercutio has a flamboyant imagination, while demonstrating his mocking side.

This quote also acts as foreshadowing in which shows that if Romeo keeps his head in the clouds he will make mistakes in life, such as him quickly marring Juliet. Moreover, this quote reveals that Mercutio is an important foil character because his view on love contrasts that of Romeo. Third, Mercutio shows how serious Romeo is.

Mercutio always uses clever wordplay and puns to mock people and bring comic relief into the play. This quote illustrates the comedy that Mercutio brings. At the edgy moment when Tybalt was about to fight, Mercutio still made a mockery of him.

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Mercutio felt that a reference to sexuality may have enlightened the mood, except it only brought more dilemmas. However the point is that should Mercutio not have been killed, it is still conceivable that most of the subsequent events could happen. The major difference will be the entire significance of those events and their meanings would be changed.

Mercutio is someone who will take a challenge head on; he was certainly willing to play along with Tybalt in a duel. However we must not forget that Mercutio stepped up for Romeo who was unwilling to fight Tybalt as he was married to Juliet and technically was family with him. It is hard to tell hether he was defending Romeo more or simply enjoying the thrill of picking a fight.

This is very unlike Romeo who is always expressing his feelings — hanging his heart on his sleeve as the saying goes. I was hurt under you arm. His character gives the play not only comedic moments, but also alternate views on various themes. Mercutio lights up the play with his personality and puns, even his lewd jokes add a certain charm to the play.

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Mercutio is essential to the play for two main reasons. The first being a perfect character contrast to Romeo and the second being the dramatic turning point for the tragedy to begin in earnest. Perhaps Mercutio was too strong a character to survive, and Shakespeare brought about his death to make a better play. Whatever the case, this witty, quarrelsome and impulsive jester will most definitely be remembered as a character who is more than just a plot device.

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