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Congratulations 3Ls!

The grind of law school exams is over, or soon will be. Most newly minted J. We assume you all have been pitched all year by bar prep companies touting their costs, features, and success rates. With everyone claiming to have the secret to passing the bar exam, how to choose?

Since the last time we visited this question, bar exam prep courses have proliferated, offering a range of prices, technological formats, and philosophies. For those of you mulling over which course best fits your needs, the crucial analyzing variables are cost, format, guarantees, discounts, and pass rate.

Nobody want to have to take the bar exam more than once, so this is a serious investment decision. Note: Number of in-class hours, sessions, and assignments vary based on which of the 6 bar review courses student selects. Enrollment deadlines vary by state and company, so be sure to check the company websites.

Early Decision Tuition

Readers, if you have personal experiences with any of these companies, please let us know about it the comments. Happy studying and good luck to all the test-takers. Sponsored Content. Mid-Level Shareholder Activism Associate. Kinney Recruiting. LDO and Above the Law. Brad Blickstein.

Uniform Bar Examination - NCBE

Innovative legal departments are exploring self-service technologies in order to provide efficient service at a lower cost and without compromising on quality. Everlaw and Above the Law. You should also request the written portion of your exam if possible, so you can review your essays and MPT answers. Thus, a breakdown of your score is as follows:.

Most Tested Bar Exam Rules: Evidence

This will help you decide where you need to change your study strategy. If you need help with this step, feel free to contact us here.

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Also look over your essay and MPT answers to find out where you can improve! If you took Barbri the first time, do not take it again and expect a different result.

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So many students make this mistake then end up taking the bar exam again and again without a successful result. We truly do not recommend you take your commercial course again and you can read more about that here.

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Making a decision to change your approach is a small but necessary step. You can use this to your advantage when coming up with a plan to conquer the West Virginia bar exam. Where did you fall short? Think about what you learned from analyzing your score report and essays in Step 1.

The Virginia Bar Exam

Also, how did you prepare the last time? Did you take enough practice exams? Were you using real MBE questions? Did you practice enough MPTs? Did you know the law well enough?