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I will explore how gender is a social construct, changing across time and culture, and performed by individuals. I will analyse how through my socialisation at school, I have learned societally constructed gender ideals, and how. Those are truths that America society has based itself on.

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The American Dream is derived from the Declaration of Independence in giving the pursuit of happiness through social mobility. Based on the Declaration, American society almost seems to be a utopia. It promises hope and a great future to those who live in it. However, that is not completely true. Real American society differs from the ideal American society in many ways: family, laws, and societal pressure. The American.

It has become a foundation of ideals and hopes for any American or immigrant. Specifically, one of the ideals that always exist is the dream of America free of class distinction. Every American hopes for a society where every person has the opportunity to be whomever he or she desire. Another ideal in the American dream is the drive to improve the quality of life. If I had the power to create a society in my own vision, what would that look like?

What kinds of activities would be at the forefront of culture?

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How would people treat each other? In what manner would business be conducted if at all? In what areas would the most energy be focused i. What kind of role models would be best for your ideal world? How does. All four of these traditions combine to make up the culture in which everyone in the world lives.

I believe that if each of these traditions is given the proportions I listed above, the society will be able to grow and prosper successfully. I think that political equality is a must and a government is required.

I vividly remember at my 6th birthday party blowing out the candles on my Barbie doll cake. Neither my parents nor I knew that would be the start to my obsession with Barbie, a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, an American multinational toy company. For every holiday and birthday, I received anything associated with Barbie.

Over the years, I accumulated an absurd amount of Barbie and Ken dolls, along with clothes and accessories. I even had a Barbie bike and a helmet. My fascination with Barbie. The most gorgeous super models are thin and when other girls look at them, they get jealous. Many girls see this, and view themselves as being overweight and have a complex and a desire, which is to be skinny, this disease is called Anorexia. Anorexia is a disease, which affects mostly women and sometimes men.

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Anorexia is when you think you are fat, and you deprive yourself of food in order to be skinny. They see themselves as being. The Ideal Female and the Oppression of Women By having an impossible ideal female look, society is beating us as women. The ideal woman is ever-changing. The concept of human equality is also another idea that the two philosophers propose as a means to an ideal society. In this speech, King stipulated that mutual respect between all races would make the ideal society. King explained that the perfect community would be attained if the whites and the black treated each other as brothers and sisters.

King thus saw human equality in terms of race. Racial equality is a very valid notion because all human beings need to be treated with dignity, regardless of race.

Perfect Society Essay Examples

More shared this idea and adds that there is no difference between people as all people are equal. However, unlike King who saw the society in terms of race More saw it in terms of social classes. All people have the same financial power. There is no private ownership of property and materialism is discouraged. This creates a situation similar to socialist communism.

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More and King agreed that government is also one of the practical ways to an ideal society. However, the two differed shapely over which type of government would lead to utopia. Unlike King, More proposed a communist form of government in the Republic of Utopia,. As such the government is supreme and because it has absolute power over people, people freedoms, as well as liberties, are curtailed. The ideas expressed by King and More do have a level of validity.

I have mixed feelings regarding each of these ideas — more suggested utopian society which has its benefits. However, I do not agree that this is an ideal society as my fundamental rights are not in my hands. Thus, More suggested that people could be assigned to do specific tasks under the decision of a council. However, this is a kind of tyranny, to my mind.

For instance, now I have some plans as for my future career, and I cannot bear an idea that someone will make me choose another path because this person has decided that I cannot complete the necessary tasks. I believe this is my fundamental right to choose my way and try to become successful. King is more tolerant and realistic in his dreams. I agree with King that people of all races should be equal. For example, I have many friends and acquaintances of different races and nations.

http://www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/deriber/1267-spiare-whatsapp-sulla.php I like socializing with them as I think that people should share their experiences. More so, I believe people of different cultures can help each other to open up new horizons. In conclusion, it is possible to note that although More and King lived during different historical times, they both agreed that an ideal society could be attained.