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It is a global issue and discussion of women political rights. Education is a milestone of women empowerment by which they can enable and responds to the challenges to confront their traditional roles and change their life.


Thus educating women providing her with the weapon to live up with customary part, fight up with challenges and live a beautiful life. Thus women education opens up the new horizons, broadens her thinking, develops new ideas and hopes, enhances knowledge and skills, provides the courage to meet the challenges of life and give freedom of expressions. Thus women should be encouraged to educate and have to provide them with great opportunities for education. Indian women have been subjected to domestic violence and other crimes such as dowry, trafficking, honor killing, etc.

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Women empowerment can only be achieved in true sense when people will ensure safety to them and provide liberty to roam free without any fear. Though, India has successfully reduced child marriages in the past few decades. Before they turn into 18 years 1.

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Women today in lower class who are not able to support themselves take advantage of our basic healthcare system. Literacy programs in Nepal illustrate some critical points of women 's empowerment approach. I missed my mother. The experience impacted the familiarity that a woman can have with her daughter. Small experiences such as getting your nails done or major transitions….

I devised ten questions to ask women my age how a future pregnancy might affect the use of known harmful substances in fetal development. All of the women I interview were white around the age of 20 and all college students. The first question I ask was do you know what negative affects substance like alcohol, tobacco, and certain drugs can have on fetal development.

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Almost all of the women I asked knew…. Leadership Development in Women A review of the literature revealed a noticeable absence of research that focuses on the experiences of African American women who have advanced into leadership positions Parker, ; Stanley, ; Bell, It is imperative for organizations to identify and develop female leaders who can work effectively across organizational and geographic boundaries. Among many measures, one of the most notable approaches that attempted to provide women more economic freedom has been microfinance.

According to the study by Lapeneu and Zeller , which shows the general distribution and performance of microfinance institutions MFIs in developing regions, Latin America has been active for microfinance and been well-served. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Essay on Women in Development. Show More. But the truth is that women will eventually advance in all these areas and come to realize that they do not need men to survive.

John Steinbeck, in his short story "The Chrysanthemums" depicts. These women appear to just be along for the ride while their husbands do the dirty work of searching through the crime scene.

In the end even though they serve as secondary characters to their husbands, Mrs. Hale and Mrs.

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Peters play a large role in portraying the theme of this play, and without them the plot would not have been conducted nearly the same way to get the message out to. Labeled throughout history as troublemakers, perhaps these women are only attempting to exercise their power. Surely, their power is not found in their physical strength, but this power stems from a deeper source, their very essence as sexual beings. Women in the Old.

Although Cleopatra is depicted in many different ways in other films and plays, the film portrays her as a ruler who tried to bridge gaps between men and women.

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On December 14, The literacy rates are lower in rural areas then urban areas fao. These statistics show that there is inequality in terms of education. Nobel Prize—winning economist Amartya Sen states that human capital is important for production potential.