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On the left side of the painting is a huge dark structure that creates a sense of isolation and greater size. This structure is superb when a comparison is made to the scale of different other objects in the painting. Furthermore, the curving lines create the feeling of depth in the painting. Salvador Dali was born in a small agricultural town of Figueres, Spain on May 11, Dali spent his boyhood in Figueres and also at the summer home in Cadaques- a coastal fishing village.

He along with his wife Gala made his home in nearby Port Lligat. Most of his paintings show his love of this part of Spain. He acquired global fame when three of his paintings were shown in the third annual Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh in the year Contrary to Gogh, who is considered as the pioneer of expressionism in twentieth century, Dali initially became a leader of the Surrealist movement. His painting 'The Persistence of Time' with the melting or soft watches is regarded as one of the best ever surrealist works. However, as the war approached, a clash occurred between Dali and the Surrealists.

Consequently, he was expelled from the group of surrealist in Nevertheless, he did exhibit works in several global surrealist exhibitions in the decade of , but by the year , Dali was moving into entirely new type of painting with a preoccupation of religion or science. The Starry Night by Van Gogh shows the imaginative theme of the artist and painted in an asylum in Dali, however in his classic era, started his series of nineteen canvases most of them showing historical or religious theme. While Gogh was specifically expressionist, Dali was not confined to any specific media or style.

The body of his work, contrary to Van Gogh, ranging from early period of impressionist paintings through his surrealist works and into his classical period shows a continuously evolving and growing artist. He worked in every media leaving behind him a wealth of watercolors, oils, graphics, drawings, films, sculptures, performance pieces, photographs, jewels as well as objects of all descriptions.

He explored all areas of one's own life and to provide them artistic expression.

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Both Van Gogh and Salvador worked with pure inspiration or on a custom-made illustration. Although Van Gogh's work was recognized after his death, Dali became known during his lifetime. Dali's symbolic complexity along with matchless insight is apparent from his works. Both artists are known for their excellence as creativity that will always set a high standard for the art of the future. Lear, The 'Persistence of Time' is regarded as one of the most famous paintings of Salvador Dali.

The painting is rendered in the hallmark yellow, faint brown and blue colors and has earned a world-wide recognition for Dali. Like Gogh's 'Starry Night' that shows typical moonlit scene in Saint-Remy asylum's neighborhood where he stayed for more than a year during his last period of life, Dali's painting resemble Port Lligat, his home.

Dali uses sandy beaches and other imagery to which he had been exposed as a child in his home town. Although, some could be more meaningful, others remain elusive. The images of the melting clock in painting are no more that themes impacted by the Camembert cheese left for a longer period of time on the table o a sunny day. The contents of Dali's 'Persistence of Time' are not only enigmatic but open to interpretation. Contrary to Van Gogh, Dali was also a philosopher, besides an artist as mostly known.

While Gogh's was expressionist, Dali was initially a surrealist and later on developed interests in psychology and science.

Orange clock placed on the rectangular table-like object is attacked by the ants show the anxiety related with time. As such it is logical to believe that even if only on subconscious level that on a particular day everybody is going to die. This specific psychology as well as understanding of the reality of death could configure the viewer's behavior.

Essay Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night at St. Rémy -- Visual Arts Paint

Furthermore, Dali uses light in the painting, in contrast to Gogh's 'Starry Night', for communicating themes of this painting. On the basis of the arguments presented in the paper, it can be concluded that Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and Salvador's 'Persistence of Time' although had some common aspects, themes of both Van Gogh and Salvador differ. While Gogh was an expressionist, Dali was initially a surrealist and later on developed interest in psychology and science, both movements influencing their beliefs and formal approaches in distinctive ways.

Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh, the post-Impressionist artist, is the most famous and well-renowned of all modern Dutch painters. Thomson, Theme of Van Gogh and Expressionism During his two-year stay in Paris, Impressionism existed as a high-fashion in the artistic circles.

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I believe it subsidizes the light that guides everybody through darkness as the cypress tree looms nearby. Also how our world is so beautiful above and sometimes we get caught up in our busy lives that to take time to appreciate a beautiful collation of stars and the sky itself is hard but right inferno of all of us. It seems that van Gogh was finally being cured of his illness and had essentially found his heaven. He also knew that in death he would be at peace. Despite my limited knowledge about art, its components, and the artists who create their masterpieces, Vincent Van Sago's The Starry Night is probably my favorite piece of artwork in the textbook.

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I love this painting and chose it because to me, this piece of work is so serene yet captivating and stimulating at the same time. I believe that if a piece of art can evoke that many emotions in a person, then it is truly a masterpiece.

I actually have a replica of The Starry Night hanging in my house, which as another reason why I chose to discuss What I first see when I look at this painting is the city lights reflecting off the water while a couple takes a walk on the nearby shore. The sky is filled with stars, including the Great Bear, commonly known as the Big Dipper.

Van Gogh shifted the sky around in order to create an even more extraordinary display of stars. From his point of view the town of Arles lay to the south west; the Big Dipper he painted in the sky was actually in Both are very different forms of art and have what is known as a visionary experience. A visionary experience is known as a visual representation of culture or a meaning personal to either the creator or viewer.

Apse Mosaic is a mosaic form of art done in the SST.

Van Gogh's Starry Night

Apollonian, and represents another representation of Christ and the many symbols affiliated with Christ, like the sheep, cross, and also the fact that the This picture was done by Vincent new wave Gogh when he was at an refuge in Saint-Remy in The picture shows twirling clouds in a starry dark and a bright crescent Moon, overlooking possibly a small town.

Artist Deconstruction: A Starry Night If there is one thing in this life that cannot be escaped, it is art. Art takes over our visual and audio senses as well as sensation of touch and emotion.

Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night

Not only does art take over our senses, but it also does something wonderful to our mental status. It raises awareness and stimulates our brains. Some art can touch us on a very deep emotional level. I have chosen to write about a portrait painted by Vaccine van Gogh called Starry Night, which was painted in June This painting depicts the view outside Vincent Van Gogh is a mysterious painting in which Gogh paints a picture that has energetic colors and expressive. This painting can be described as shadowy but yet still stimulating.

It can signify a variety of moods, objects, and atmosphere. Van Gogh portrays a small French town located in the countryside. This town is characterized by rolling mountains, a sky with stars, small village, fields, a large tree, and a church. He uses these details to paint a story full of color and intrigue.

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He paints the sky purple and dark blue to signify the time of day. He uses The Starry night by Van Gogh Now the darkness took over the sky and a chill ran down my body. The wispy breeze was cold too. The somber path curving up to the ghastly trivial hill, on which I walked alone. But the other side of the hill was proud with light. The path ran amidst prickly scrubs trampled by the locals. On the path were laid water drenched leaves from the shower in the afternoon.

The sky was illuminated with tiny emotive objects. Under he colossal tree laid a pit of dry leaves with some streaks of gray smoke It is an oil on canvas post-impressionist painting which depicts the view from Van Sago's window at night, although it was painted from memory during the day. Van Sago's artworks contrast greatly with those of Wassail Sandusky. The style is abstract and very expressive.

Vincent Van Gogh was part of the post-impressionist movement, which painted in the late sass. He studied art in Belgium, and There are a umber of things in this painting; this painting shows us that she is very poor. There are no flowers, lamps and garden. The house is the bare minimum; it shows the 19th Century things for the poor in the countryside were dark.

Self-portrait, this painting shows us that he seems to frown and wrinkle his brow in concentration, he looks very lonely. He use orange dots in the background seem to reflect the orange red of his beard. He Inner is melancholy but he use the most warm color-orange, he should be eager to get love. I think In his elite he produced oil paintings.