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Lily lived with her mom, Deborah, father, T.

Ray, and her African American nanny The symbols and themes include beehives, photographs, a black Mary, the power of female community, and the importance of storytelling. Beehives, although they usually do not have much of a meaning in our everyday lives, play a very big role in The Secret Life of Bees. August, the owner of the Boatwright house and also the oldest sister, tends the beehives. August makes, jars, and sells the honey. In the novel, the beehives are the figurative parallel to the community August has made in the pink house, the family home.

Bees live, work and make honey in their beehives. The Boatwright sisters are very spiritual women. Just as the Virgin Mary is the mother of all the women she is close to, the queen bee is the mother of every other bee. Beehives are very sensitive and the bees have certain procedures that help protect their home.

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The rituals that August and her community follow are very crucial, especially when one of the sisters, May, commits suicide. Beehives are very symbolic in the novel and by the end of the story, Lily becomes an expert beekeeper. Bees are also a very important symbol in The Secret Life of Bees. When she arrives at the Boatwright house, August asks her what she loves and Lily lists bees.

Bees symbolize rebirth, exploration, sexual maturation, and personal growth, all of which we notice in Lily throughout the novel. Lily lets the bees rest on her body and when she does this, she realizes she loves August and how grateful and lucky she is to have such an inspiring mother figure in her life. Their diligent care for their mother, their continuous ability to keep going, and their ability to survive inspire Lily.

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Photographs in the novel symbolize the power of relationships. Lily owns only one picture of her mother. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. It mirrors reality in that we see women of different races, ages, and backgrounds pursing different passions. Not all women long to get married or be secretaries or homemakers; the film reveals the strength, determination, and audacity that each woman carries within her to create her own path. That is a very realistic portrayal of the female population.

As previously mentioned, one of the themes of The Secret Life of Bees. Other main characters such as Lily Owens and Zach Taylor fit into one special population but not both.

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As this film is set in South Carolina during with a largely African-American cast, racism is certain to be a central theme. The Secret Life of Bees. Secret Life of Bees words - 4 pages each other.

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You got to be a strong, confident, and independent person to show others that you can do anything. But most importantly you got to show others what it is to be love and just care for others and not take life for granted. Secret Life Of Bees words - 4 pages the hospital after she got beaten.

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August acts as a second mother to Lily throughout the story, in the end Lily became more understanding, mature and she learned how to have a better control on her life. Lily did help August with taking care of the bees as well as bring out the best in. Did they change throughout the novel? How did hearing that her mother left her to affect her perception of her mother?

The Secret Life Of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd

Do you believe T-Ray's account of what happened when Lily's mother died? Did your opinion of T-Ray change when August told Lily about how much he used to love her mother? Does Deborah's abandonment explain or excuse T-Ray? Do you agree with Lily that people would rather die than forgive? Does she forgive her mother?

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What do the bees mean to the story? What is "the secret life of bees? What do you think Sue Monk Kidd was saying about race in this novel? Why did Rosaleen spit on the men's shoes? What are the ways the characters in the novel confront injustice? How do you think we should deal with injustice? Do these kinds of prejudices still exist today? What was your reaction to Lily's relationship with Zach?

What do you think happened to them in the future? Talk about the sisters.