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Blood Diamond

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Regulating Resource Curses: Institutional Design and Evolution of the Blood Diamond Regime

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Cobalt, the new blood diamond

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To the which place a poor sequester'd stag Did come to languish. This article looks closely at a recent regulatory effort to address the global trade in so-called blood diamonds which are a particularly destructive example of a resource curse. As many are seeking an appropriate model for resource curses generally, I develop a case study of blood diamonds and the Kimberley Process, an international commodity tracking regime.

This article focuses on the unique coalition of NGOs, corporations, and states and the unusual international arrangement upon which they agreed. Although the Kimberley Process might appear as an attempt to whitewash state and corporate abuses, over time, the institution can, though need not necessarily, evolve over time to address both the rebel induced and state inflicted human rights violations related to the diamond trade.

In so doing, this article acknowledges the importance and potential stickiness of initial design choices and that institutional evolution in favor of issue expansion and greater enforcement is merely feasible rather than inevitable. Thus, this article demonstrates some of the possibilities and limitations of looking to the Kimberley Process as a model for resource curses, and more generally for other areas in which NGOs seek to align state, corporate, and human rights interests.

Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation. Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic. Subscribe to this fee journal for more curated articles on this topic. In contrast to the violent and conflict-fueling war economy, the post-conflict illegal diamond economy is surprisingly benign.

follow link I argue that the illegal Sierra Leonean diamond market today can be understood as a moral economy of illegality, since economic action in this market is decisively shaped and regulated by widely held social norms about legitimate and illegitimate practices.

It is highly interwoven with both the state and the legal markets, and has thus become part of the "peace economy. Engwicht, Nina, Handle: RePEc:zbw:mpifgd as.

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