Essay law and order situation in pakistan

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Short essay on law and order situation in pakistan

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Essay law and order situation in pakistan

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1.1 Socio-economic profile, law and order and crime by category in Pakistan, historic evolution

Pakistan synonyms, pakistan to pakistan, probably in order to break up the difficult consonant along their borderlines a good situation. During the last eight years or so the poverty in Pakistan has increased from 30 per cent in to almost one third in , adding another 16 Million people to the absolute poor. While incidence of poverty decreased between and , the last few years witnessed an increase. Another contributory factor to poverty is the inflation in the country. The Economic Survey of Pakistan puts the inflationary rate at As poorest spend more than 70 per cent of their income on food, large sectors of population have been pushed deeper into poverty.

The Human Development Index HDI that includes a broader definition of well being ranks the country th out of countries showing that Pakistan is well below compared with other countries. The Global Hunger Index Pakistan ranks the country 61 out of 88 countries. Another contributory factor to poverty as well as to crime and law and order situation is the rising levels of unemployment in the country.

The successive governments over period have initiated a number of policies and programs for eradication of poverty in the country but still the poverty is on the increase. It is argued that these programs and policies did have some beneficial impact but the population growth rates as well as rural-urban disparities plus the weak implementation of policies neutralized the impact. It is agreed at different levels that any single policy is not going to work to eradicate poverty. It should aim at greater growth that ensures an adequate flow of benefits to the poor and vulnerable.

Special social safety nets play an important role to meet the current needs of the poor while micro-finance helps them Stand on their own feet and investments in human development and infrastructure helps enhance their productivity in terms of both quality as well as quantity. Another important initiative required is to provide employment by initiating labor intensive industry and programs. One important factor for increasing rate of poverty in the country has been slow down of the small and medium industries that are mostly labor intensive and rural. IDPS One of the prime examples of impact of law and order on the economic situation of the country on the life of common man is first displacement, and then relocation and repatriation of over 2.

It is perhaps the worst impact that the terrorism may have on the people and economy. While the cost of loss of business, government infrastructure and private property of the people is yet to be assessed. It would be an understatement to say that the whole economy of NWFP in particular and of Pakistan in general has suffered. The cost of ongoing military operation rebuilding of the infrastructure, resettlement of the people and their businesses is estimated to be stupendous, while the cost in terms of human lives and sufferings is at best untold.

It also offers the reverse linkages where poverty and poor economy provides ready recruits for crime and terrorism.

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Recommendations Our study of law and order has revealed that the policies often fail to achieve the stated objectives and targets for lapses at operational level. At this level either there is no identification with the policy aims and objectives or lack of understanding that often leads to poor strategizing with poor results. Even normal functions of governance receive little attention at times. Intra-provincial and inter-provincial policy distortions like varying compensation rates and allowances admissible in public sector etc.

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Rangers, the Frontier Corps and other law enforcement agencies. That has emerged as a crucial issue in view of the high number of casualties caused during operational attacks in the NWFP and FATA Capacity building of intelligence agencies to be enhanced. Economic Recommendations Primarily, it is the domestic investors who have to be encouraged and motivated to take the lead for the investment.

The administration of governmental incentives to them should be more business-friendly. Once, domestic investors start flourishing, it will encourage foreigners to invest in Pakistan as well There is a need to improve business environment in the country, including the availability of educated and skilled manpower, ancillary industries and utility services.

Continuous rise in the prices of petroleum products, electricity, gas and other utilities are also adversely affecting the business environment. We need to improve our infrastructure facilitations to make the Business environment more conducive to foreign and local investments.

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Power shortage has already resulted in closure of many units which is deplorable and needs to be rectified at the earliest. The main stake of our economy is agriculture and facilitation and incentives to develop the cottage industry need special attention. Bribery Victimization: Petty bribery is pervasive in Pakistan. More than half of Pakistanis have paid a bribe to receive assistance from the police and a quarter have paid a bribe to process a government permit.

Since , there has been an overall decrease in bribes paid to a police officer, to process a government permit, and to receive medical attention at a public hospital.

Fundamental Freedoms: Pakistanis have moderate views of political and media freedoms in the country, and quite positive views of religious freedoms. Since , perceptions of political, media, and religious freedoms in the country have improved. Crime Victimization: Crime rates in Pakistan vary by type of crime and city.

On average, there has been a decrease in the rates of all three crimes since Criminal Justice: Incompetence of criminal investigators was cited as the most serious problem facing criminal investigative services in Pakistan, while inadequate resources were cited as their most serious problem facing criminal courts.

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Nearly half reported experiencing a hardship as a result of their legal problem, with stress related illnesses being the most common hardship reported. Legal Awareness: Pakistanis have a moderate amount of legal knowledge. On average, only half of Pakistanis believe that IDPs are welcome in their community but more than two thirds believe that the government is doing enough to help IDPs. These perceptions are the most positive in Faisalabad and the most negative in Quetta. Refugees in Pakistan : Views on refugees in Pakistan also vary by topic and by city.

Half of respondents believe that refugees should be guaranteed the same constitutional rights as citizens of Pakistan. When asked about the seriousness of various problems relating to refugees, the largest percentage of respondents said that refugees bringing violence and extremism to Pakistan was a serious problem. Less than half of respondents believe that refugees and citizens are treated equally by the police.

Trust in Pakistan : Pakistanis have a high degree of trust in fellow citizens. Across institutions, Pakistanis have the most trust in the courts and the least trust in the police, though trust in the police has steadily risen over the last four years. Thematic Infographics Download English. Our Work. Rule of Law Research Consortium.

Research Conferences. Panel V: Empirical Applications. Reducing Violence and Improving the Rule of Law.